Sofia Roma Soria:
Founder and Artist of Circle.Skye Arts

               Arriving into this world in the fall of 2003, I’ve always had a keen eye for what most seem to miss at first glance.  From a very early age, I’ve had the ability to show great detail and emotion in my work as it flows from deep within to the tips of my fingers.  My inspiration mostly comes to me while listening to music or reading novels.  At age 14, my “Elders’ Wisdom” piece was chosen and published  as the book cover of  “Journey in Education for Reconciliation”. At 15, I received the “Harry Wohlfarth Award” at the “ACACA Alberta Wide Show” for my “John Lennon” piece. At age 16, I find myself working as an illustrator for the book series “The Lost Boys Trilogy” by Riley Quinn found at Chapters bookstores. In turn, it is of no surprise I am aspiring to become a novelist / illustrator. Other interests include singing and playing instruments like the guitar and ukulele.  These interests have enabled me to win roles in a few productions. The outcome also resulting in prop – paintings, a mural of the show, and character drawings for “A Christmas Story” used for promotional materials.  Currently, I’m working on new pieces to show at my next big adventure. 

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